Semiautomatic Guillotine Needle 25 and 12 mm Notch


Disposable semiautomatic guillotine needle for soft tissue biopsy with selectable penetration depth, highly performing and easy to use. 

The notch’s surface, 12 or 25 mm depending on the intended use, has a special treatment in order to optimize the echo-visibility and to maintain the histological sample perfectly flat and stable during the removal procedure.


Available CodesMeasuresQ.ty per boxAvailable CodesMeasuresQ.ty per box
DSGBL14/1014G X CM.1020DSGBL18/1018G X CM.1020
DSGBL14/1514G X CM.1520DSGBL18/1518G X CM.1520
DSGBL14/2014G X CM.2020DSGBL18/2018G X CM.2020
DSGBL14/2514G X CM.2520DSGBL18/2518G X CM.2520
DSGBL14/3014G X CM.3020DSGBL18/3018G X CM.3020
DSGBL14/4714G X CM.4720DSGBL18/4718G X CM.4720
DSGBL16/1016G X CM.1020DSGBL20/1020G X CM.1020
DSGBL16/1516G X CM.1520DSGBL20/1520G X CM.1520
DSGBL16/2016G X CM.2020DSGBL20/2020G X CM.2020
DSGBL16/2516G X CM.2520DSGBL20/2520G X CM.2520
DSGBL16/3016G X CM.3020DSGBL20/3020G X CM.3020
GBL16/4716G X CM.4720DSGBL20/4720G X CM.4720

Available with completely echogenic mandrel, adding and E at the end of the code, for example DSGBL14/10E.


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