Ischia Interlaminar Fusion System

At first sight people might believe Ischia is just another interspinous device. However, Ischia is a new concept in posterior fusion alternatives: thanks to its anatomical shape and unique design characteristics, Ischia is an Interlaminar Fusion System.

By using Tsunami Medical’s cutting-edge titanium net structure in combination with the anatomical geometry of the implant, Ischia differentiates from alternatives by its accelerated osteogenesis’ characteristics. The anterior surface of the implant has been designed such that any potential cell growth is eliminated, avoiding any adherence to delicate structures in the spinal canal. In combination with Tsunami Medical’s facet fusion device Filicudi, Ischia guarantees optimal stability, while eliminating any possible torsion of the vertebral segment. The combination of Ischia and Filicudi Lumbar guarantees a strong and reliable posterior stabilization and optimal fixation of the vertebral segment; this combination can be considered as a much safer alternative for more severe invasive options like pedicle screws. In the unlikely event of a revision, this combination also leaves more options, due to the virginal status of both vertebral bodies and pedicles.


About the product

Ischia Interlaminar Fusion System

Ischia has been manufactured with Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology, popularly known as 3D titanium powder printing technology and comes in 4 heights to support an optimal fit following the patient's natural anatomy.

Quality is in the details

For detailed information about dimensions, please click the "Technical Information" button on this page.

For information about Tsunami Medical's Facet Fusion System Filicudi, please click the Filicudi Information page.

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