Guillotine Needle “All-In-One” for manual use and suitable for Reusable Guns Magnum® Bard® and Medgun® Model


Guillotine needle suitable for Magnum® Bard® and MEDGUN®. The ultra-sharpened cannula cuts the tissue sample without any laceration and allows a perfect sampling. 

This special needle can be also used as a manual Tru-Cut by using the sliding adaptor. 

The notch’s surface has a special treatment in order to optimize the echo-visibility and to maintain the histological sample perfectly flat and stable during the removal procedure.


Available CodesMeasuresQ.ty per boxAvailable CodesMeasuresQ.ty per box
AIO14/1014G X CM.1020AIO18/1018G X CM.1020
AIO14/1514G X CM.1520AIO18/1518G X CM.1520
AIO14/2014G X CM.2020AIO18/2018G X CM.2020
AIO14/2514G X CM.2520AIO18/2518G X CM.2520
AIO14/3014G X CM.3020AIO18/3018G X CM.3020
AIO14/4714G X CM.4720AIO18/4718G X CM.4720
AIO16/1016G X CM.1020AIO20/1020G X CM.1020
AIO16/1516G X CM.1520AIO20/1520G X CM.1520
AIO16/2016G X CM.2020AIO20/2020G X CM.2020
AIO16/2516G X CM.2520AIO20/2520G X CM.2520
AIO16/3016G X CM.3020AIO20/3020G X CM.3020
AIO16/4716G X CM.4720AIO20/4720G X CM.4720

Available with completely echogenic stylet, adding an “E” at the end of the code, for example AIO16/10E.


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