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Filicudi Lumbar

Filicudi Lumbar Facet Fusion System

Filicudi Lumbar provides a strong and solid fixation and immobilization of the lumbar facet joints, both as stand-alone and in combination with other implants. The surgical technique is straightforward and comes with a limited amount of instruments. Filicudi comes in a Lumbar and Cervical version.

By using Tsunami Medical’s cutting-edge titanium net structure in combination with the anatomical geometry of the implant, Filicudi Lumbar differentiates from alternatives by its accelerated osteogenesis’ characteristics. In combination with Tsunami Medical’s Interlaminar Fusion device Ischia, Filicudi Lumbar guarantees a strong and reliable posterior lumbar stabilization and optimal fixation of the vertebral segment; this combination can be considered as a much safer alternative for more severe invasive options like pedicle screws. In the unlikely event of a revision, this combination also leaves more options, due to the virginal status of both vertebral bodies and pedicles.

Also one of the Tsunami Medical’s unique interbody cage options (DLIF, PLIF, TLIF and ALIF) may be considered in combination with these, to facilitate a 360° fusion.


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Filicudi Lumbar Facet Fusion System

Filicudi Lumbar has been manufactured with Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology, popularly known as 3D titanium powder printing technology, and comes in 2 heights to support an optimal fit following the patient’s natural anatomy.

For detailed information about dimensions, please click the “Technical Information” button on this page.

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For information about Tsunami Medical’s Interbody cage options (DLIF, PLIF, TLIF and ALIF), please click the pages on the Interbody Cages section.

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