Amniocentesis Needle


Chiba needle for cytological aspiration. The tip is Chiba-type and has been studied to minimize the pain. Extra-sharpened cannula, specifically designed for amniocentesis procedures. The cannula is also marked with a centimeter scale, has a sliding stopper and a Luer-lock connector.

Good echo-visibility thanks to a mechanical treatment on stylet’s surface.


Available CodesMeasuresQ.ty per boxAvailable CodesMeasuresQ.ty per box
SCBL18/0318G X CM.320SCBL21/2021G X CM.2020
SCBL18/0518G X CM.520SCBL22/0322G X CM.320
SCBL18/0918G X CM.920SCBL22/0522G X CM.520
SCBL18/1118G X CM.1120SCBL22/0922G X CM.920
SCBL18/1518G X CM.1520SCBL22/1122G X CM.1120
SCBL18/2018G X CM.2020SCBL22/1522G X CM.1520
SCBL20/0320G X CM.320SCBL22/2022G X CM.2020
SCBL20/0520G X CM.520SCBL23/0523G X CM.520
SCBL20/0920G X CM.920SCBL23/0923G X CM.920
SCBL20/1120G X CM.1120SCBL23/1123G X CM.1120
SCBL20/1520G X CM.1520SCBL23/1523G X CM.1520
SCBL20/2020G X CM.2020SCBL23/2023G X CM.2020
SCBL21/0321G X CM.320SCBL25/0325G X CM.320
SCBL21/0521G X CM.520SCBL25/0525G X CM.520
SCBL21/0921G X CM.920SCBL25/0925G X CM.920
SCBL21/1121G X CM.1120SCBL25/1125G X CM.1120
SCBL21/1521G X CM.1520

Available with completely echogenic stylet, adding and E at the end of the code, for example SCBL18/03E.


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