The manufacturing plant located nearby Modena at the heart of the “biomedical valley” is ISO 13485 certified to design and manufacture medical devices.


Via Giorgi N. 27,
41124 Modena (MO)
Tel. +39.0535.38397


Tsunami Medical offers Akille Orthopedic Augmentation and Fracture Reduction kit.

More and more in the orthopedic procedures is taking place the bone resin augmentation, realizing procedures like calcaneoplasty, tibial plateau fracture reduction and reinforcement on osteoporotic femur. The procedures are simple, quite fast and guarantee a fast recovery of the patient, reducing the hospitalization and costs.


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Akille Orthopedic Augmentation and Fracture Reduction kit.

Technical Information

Product Reference Needle DimensionsBalloon Dimension
KA 11/15-2011G/15cm20 mm



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