The manufacturing plant located nearby Modena at the heart of the “biomedical valley” is ISO 13485 certified to design and manufacture medical devices.


Via Giorgi N. 27,
41124 Modena (MO)
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Bone marrow aspiration needle for use on the sternum. Ergonomic handle, ultra-sharpened cannula and stylet to allow an easier penetration into the bone marrow cavity, adjustable graduated scale indicating the penetration depth and universal Luer-Lock connector.


Technical Information

Ref. CodesGAUGE X lengthQuantity per box
ABL14/3014G X mm. 3020
ABL14/5014G X mm. 5020
ABL14/7014G X mm. 7020
ABL15/3015G X mm. 3020
ABL15/5015G X mm. 5020
ABL15/7015G X mm. 7020
ABL16/3016G X mm. 3020
ABL16/5016G X mm. 5020
ABL16/7016G X mm. 7020
ABL18/3018G X mm. 3020
ABL18/5018G X mm. 5020
ABL18/7018G X mm. 7020


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