The manufacturing plant located nearby Modena at the heart of the “biomedical valley” is ISO 13485 certified to design and manufacture medical devices.


Via Giorgi N. 27,
41124 Modena (MO)
Tel. +39.0535.38397

The Wave of Innovation

Tsunami Medical is one of the leaders in Spine technology innovation, focusing on 3D printed solutions for Spine surgery and diagnostic invasive procedures.
The Company proudly refers to a long history, since 1997, of manufacturing and bringing high-quality medical devices to the international markets. Continuously focusing on innovative product developments, a tsunami of additional differentiating surgical solutions is expected to be available soon.
Located in the heart of the “Biomedical Valley”, nearby Modena (Italy), Tsunami Medical's dedicated team passionately supports both healthcare professionals and commercial business partners at excellence level.


Tsunami Medical's currently available products meet with the trends recognized in the international markets today, both with regards to Spinal Implants and Diagnostic Invasive Procedures.
The Company is excited about the wave of innovative surgical solutions that are in the pipeline: to be regulatory approved and available soon.